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"There is a deep, ancient connection between gambling and divination"

- Aaron C. Brown

This is a supernatural horror RPG/ritual game that can be played by yourself or with friends. All you need to play is some index cards, writing utensils, coins to be used as tokens, and, most importantly, a Magic 8 Ball, or a similar tool or app that answers yes/no questions. You will play the role of a Seer who regularly receives premonitions of dark futures, and works to defy or fulfill them. You will hold seances and perform rituals when you require more information, and you will pull apart or mend the fabric of fate with your actions, all while avoiding the watchful gaze of wrathful gods.

In a world that has mostly forgotten magic, you know the truth, and your actions will shape the world around you, for better or for worse. This game includes:

  • A quick, easy character creation system
  • A dice-optional system that uses coin flips and a Magic 8 Ball
  • A freeform, fiction-first roleplaying experience
  • A ritual for divining the future and unraveling the mysteries of the Abyss
  • Optional rules and substitutions for those without access to a Magic 8 Ball
  • A GMless system that can be played alone or in a group

Whether you play by yourself or brave the Abyss with friends, unravel the mysteries of the unknown and defy your fate!

1.1 Update: Introducing the 1.1 version of DIVINATION, with a revised Action Phase! This quick little update provides more clarification for certain actions during the Action Phase, optional rules for larger groups, and a chart of plot twists for making your game more interesting! This is a free update available to anyone who already owns the game.

General Content Warning: This game at base contains themes of death, supernatural horror, demons, witchcraft, murder, and other themes of horror. Additional content warnings are detailed in the “example of play” sections that discuss them. TTRPG safety tools are detailed within this game and their use is highly encouraged.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Fantastic game! The whole experience is wonderful from reading the rules to actual play. Reading the rules felt more like reading a great story; and the actual play was a lot of fun! Great for experienced and newbie players. I can't wait to play again!