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A city of lights and luxury, where humans never know pleasure or pain. Technology rules as the weak and downtrodden suffer in the neon-lit streets. But the crystals react to their presence, far more often than ever before. They herald a new age for humanity: The Age of the MAGI

In a futuristic fantasy world where humans embrace technology but fear and hate the supernatural, those who gain the ability to wield magic are disenfranchised and forced to live on the fringes of society. You and your friends will play the role of these outlaws, known by their codename MAGI: Magically Attuned Genoatypical Individuals.

In this updated, definitive edition that combines both the original MAGI and the UNLEASHED expansion, with a sizeable amount of rebalancing and additional content added, MAGI: Unlimited brings the cinematic action and power fantasy of Spencer Campbell's LUMEN system to a futuristic, "crystalpunk" setting to deliver fast, role-based combat and stories of rebellion and liberation.

This game features:

  • Powerful, highly customizable combat using the LUMEN system
  • Choose between 6 possible Roles: Fighter, Defender, Blaster, Enhancer, Wrecker, and Healer, to create one of 35 possible class combinations
  • A "crystalpunk" world where swords and sorcery are used to do battle with mechs, robots, and other crystal-powered weaponry 
  • A sprawling, futuristic metropolis where Magi fight for acceptance and justice

This is the "Final Cut" version of MAGI, a product of many months of playtesting and revisiting one of my favorite games I've ever made.

This game is Illuminated, and is made using the LUMEN system created by Spencer Campbell of Gila RPGs. This game is not affiliated with Gila RPGs.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorPurple Moon Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Futuristic, lumen, Multiplayer, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few seconds


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Now i know how to call it. Crystalpunk. I've always liked settings with this detail, i don't know even why.

Really nice game, I fell in love with character creation, specifically how multiclassing is built into the game. I'm a big fan of it, mixing different classes feels just so fascinating for me, and here it's not even optional. Although mb it's would be a good idea to add class whose specialty is controlling a battlefield? 

Definitely picking up this for my next solo game, thank you for your work!

So glad to see a finalized version of this! I remember a while back when it was first released, it caught my eye on the original discord server and I loved it! One question with this new version though. Are we intended to use the original list of spells from the original and Unleashed releases? This version doesn't list the class spells anywhere so I was a little confused.

The spell lists are in the characrer sheet doc. Each role has its own sheet with 6 spells, the full list from both the base game and the expansion!

I have a question and I hope this is the right place to ask it. I love this game but, before I introduce it to my players, I need to understand the Crystals stat. This is the first Lumen game I'm familiar with where the energy stat is represented by physical, in-game objects. Why, then, is it represented as a stat? Especially if you can spend Crystals by destroying property. My players will want to know what the stat is actually representing.

Sure! Crystals are represented as a stat to show that you have a maximum amount of them your character can carry.  It's the same as having a max energy value, only that energy is abstracted as physical objects your character can hold a finite amount of.

So, what happens if you try to carry more?

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You either don't have enough space in your pockets or you can't handle that much crystal energy near your body. I didn't really write a lore reason for why MAGI can only carry a certain number of crystals, it's just an abstraction for game balance that you can create as much or as little narrative justification for as you like. It's a resource you must spend and recover, but the way you access that resource in the fiction is intended to be loose and varied so that you can pull one out of your pocket, break a nearby sign, etc. With the Salvage action in the play guide allowing you to roll dice to replenish your supply.

I realize it's a bit abstract, but you should treat it like any other LUMEN-based energy resource with a fictional representation as an object you can hold a set number of.

Ok, thanks! 


In MAGI, you play as people with mutant genes that give them magical powers. They are feared by those in power, and hunted down by a government task force. The Magi fight back against the oppressive power structure with violence and magical powers.

The premise is an allegory for queerness, where LGBTQ and other marginalised folks are being treated unfairly because they are different. I absolutely adore this!

The games uses the 3 attributes of the LUMEN system, and I love the names and description given to them. Daring, Alacrity and Grace are evocative and straightforward in their applications, and I can totally imagine the Magi having those attributes.

The game has 6 roles (Fighter, Defender, Blaster, Enhancer, Wrecker and Healer), and you combine 2 of them to make your class. There are 15 classes each with a unique name that is badass! I really dig this idea of modular classes.

I like the fact that Crystals are used as the resource/mana of this game. It really blends well with the setting, where magical crystals fuel the Magi's power and are consumed upon use, but they are also ubiquitous enough for the players to replenish them.

The game also includes a great guide on how to structure a session, and it would be very helpful to the GM running the game. MAGI is an amazing TTRPG, and I would love to have the opportunity to get it out to the table some time!


This reads like a LUMEN-illuminated love letter to Final Fantasy VI and VII to me, is there any inspiration there?


It's a love letter to a lot of FF games, but if I had to name one specific game, it would be Final Fantasy XIII


Wonderful,  I'm in