Adrian Lumm

2nd Edition of Zombie Survival Horror
A Magical School Hack of Brindlewood Bay
An Expansion for MAGI's Futuristic Fantasy Roleplay
Futuristic Fantasy Roleplay, Illuminated by LUMEN
A Dystopian Parkour RPG Reborn
A game of 3 legendary heroes going on quests
A Role-Playing Game of Immortal Warriors
A zombie survival-horror RPG with unkillable enemies
A fantasy RPG set in the World of Memory and Magic
A solo tarot-RPG about exploring an enchanted forest
A post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, illuminated by LUMEN
A solo-TTRPG about exploring a castle and finding lost memories
A One-Page Game of Farm Life
A Game of Foretelling Dark Futures
A Role-Playing Game of Parkour, Gunfights, Chases, and Dystopia